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    Default Yamaha Stern 1990 3.0 engine

    Bought a project boat with a cracked intake/exhaust manifold. The boat is a 91 but I believe the engine is older and by the casting date on the manifold appears to be an 89 engine. Does anybody have the whereabouts of a replacement manifold for a GM 3.0 181 with a yamaha stern drive..... apparently these are very rare. This particular one takes a Rochester carb with hot air choke. Has anyone out there adapted a replacement for a Merc or OMC??

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    Default Re: Yamaha Stern 3.0 engine

    Ayuh,... Help with Yamaha drives is like findin' Parts for 'em,...

    If there's Help, or Parts,... Capt. Ken is your man....
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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    Default Re: Yamaha Stern 1990 3.0 engine

    Don't know about the 3.0L engine but I'm running 2 mercruiser exhaust manifolds on my 5.7L Yammie. Installed by a mercruiser dealer and that part of the system has missed a beat.

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