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    Default 1987 2.3 torque specs

    I have my 2.3 Ford/OMC engine all torn apart. I got water in the oil that came in through the exhaust riser. It is in a 1987 searay boat. I have all the new gaskets and the head is currently out being machined but I need to know if there is a certain pattern to torque the head bolts and what torque value to put them at?

    Thanks in advance if someone can help me with this info.

    And just curious but is this a common place to see failures? the Gasket and the metal where the exhaust manifold meets the exhaust riser corroded and allowed water to come back into #4 cylinder.

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    Default Re: 2.3 torque specs

    How much water was getting into the oil?

    From what I've read, unless there's a hole in the piston, not much water can get into the crankcase, by-passing the piston rings. And if #4 was filling up with ater, it would probably hydraulic-lock the engine.

    If it's a lot of water, you may want to pressure check the block and head before proceeding.

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    Default Re: 2.3 torque specs

    Heres the manual you want after 86' in there is all the info you need. It's free just D/L

    omc sterndrive - 4shared.com download free

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    Default Re: 2.3 torque specs

    Not sure to tell how much water, but the oil was frothy bubbly white. it was probably about 1 to a 1 1/2" over full on the dipstick. I did a compression test first and all 4 cylinders were between 120 - 130 psi. Number 4 was the only one that was wet inside and the valves were slightly rusty. It certainly wasn't full of water but it had some moisture in there.
    Not sure how to do a pressure test at this point, the head is removed and has been machined. It is currently ready to be picked up (and paid for) at the machine shop.

    If the cylinder has good compression is it possible for the water to get from the exhaust riser down into the oil? I hope I don't have another problem lurking....

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    Default Re: 2.3 torque specs

    And thank you for the link to the manual that is a big help.

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    Default Re: 2.3 torque specs

    Hi Blake5179. I am looking at the exact same situation with my 87 2.3l Ford OMC. I did a compression test and had between 140-150psi on cylinders 1-3. Number 4 was at 70psi. I pulled my head and it is currently at the machine shop. When I pulled it number 4 was moist and one of the cylinder head bolts at number 4 was rusted.

    Did it turn out to be a bigger problem for you?

    Where did you find the gaskets? I am having a difficult time sourcing the head gasket and the intake and exhaust manifold gaskets. Any information would be great...thanks!

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