Hello all.
My 3GMF (mfg 80-83) is in need of replacement and I have located a 3GM30 that meets my needs, I think. My understanding is that the 3GM30 (mfg 83 - 20??)is the successor to the 3GMF, and is the same engine with a larger bore.

Can anyone help me with the following compatibility questions?
Can I use my existing transmission? The 3GM30 does not have one.

Can/Should I convert the GM30 (raw Water Cooled) to a GM30F (fresh water cooled, using the exhaust manifold / heat exchanger from my current GMF? I recently had the exhaust manifold/heat exchanger cleaned and serviced so it is in pretty good shape.

Are the injectors the same? Mine are less than 2 years old and I will keep for spares.

Is the water pump the same? Once again mine is less than 2 years old.

Any additional advice re compatibilities / incompatibilities is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Much