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    Default 2000 40hp Johnson Outboard Stalls @ Idle

    Pulling my hair out. This motor is small enough and slow enough to troll at its lowest speed....problem is that it stalls at idling speed. Try to increase the trolling speed to keep it going and its too fast for good fishing. The motor starts fine every time, but will eventually stall unless you get moving at 1.5 rpm or better. I thought maybe it wasn't getting enough gas, so I purchased a new hose\connectors for my fuel tank...but that didn't work. It seems like it's starved for fuel; the the rpms "dance" right before it stalls, but I don't know. I'm a mechanical dummy. Maybe it's something as simple as a clogged filter? Duh? Any help out there?
    This is a recent problem, it worked fine a short time ago. Thanks.

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    Default Re: 2000 40hp Johnson Outboard Stalls @ Idle

    Could be a clogged fuel filter, or old plugs, or clog in the carb, or an air leak (into the gas line), or a bad tank pick-up, or about 3 dozen other things.

    You have a new hose/connector - so back up even further.

    Inspect your tank - make sure the pick-up inside the tank is not obstructed. Make sure the tank is venting properly, clean out the tank completely and use some new gas.

    Inspect/clean the fuel filter and check the fuel line connections on the engine side of things - look for any signs of leaking.

    If all looks good, with the engine "off" and the hood off pump up the fuel bulb and get a good look at the carb throat - any fuel leaking out?

    If so, have the carb rebuilt.

    If all the above appears ok then it would tend to indicate either a carb clog (carb would have be pulled, completely disassembled, cleaned and possibly rebuilt) or a fuel pump starting to die...

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    Default Re: 2000 40hp Johnson Outboard Stalls @ Idle

    Thanks for your helpful advise galamb. I'll investigate some of the more simple possibilities first, and hopefully solve the mystery. The more complex and involved possibilities will hopefully never have to be addressed..if I'm lucky!
    Take care, -John-

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    Default Re: 2000 40hp Johnson Outboard Stalls @ Idle

    I am having the same problem with the same engine. Did you figure anything out yet. Thanks

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    Default Re: 2000 40hp Johnson Outboard Stalls @ Idle

    There are a lot of engines out there that have been fixed with new plugs and filters. Can't hurt. Usually great starting point.

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