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  1. Default Fuel tank capacity --- OMC 1988 2.3 Cobra

    Looking to find out the fuel tank capacity for a 1988 OMC 2.3 Cobra stern drive engine??? Also, where can I purchase a new replacement fuel gauge for this engine ??? Thanks

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    Default Re: Fuel tank capacity --- OMC 2.3 Cobra

    the fuel tank is not part of the engine. The tank is selected and installed by the boat builder.
    most small runabouts have a 12 to 15 gallon tank

    Has your gauge failed? usually it is a faulty sender in the tank or wiring. Need to get the numbers and other data off the old parts and google them

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    Default Re: Fuel tank capacity --- OMC 2.3 Cobra

    Try to open the tank door, mine is on my floor forward of the engine. Turn the ignition on and wiggle the wires around, my fuel gage went out on me just last weekend and I did that and I found its just a loose wire...maybe a bad connection because when I lifted on of the wires up...I got my fuel gage back. ....so i will put that on my list of things to do...LOL

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    Default Re: Fuel tank capacity --- OMC 2.3 Cobra

    I thought the gauge in my B'liner went bad but turned out to be the sending unit/float. Napa had one that was adjustable for different depth tanks. Been working fine ever since.

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