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    hi all does anyone know where i can get one cyl. bored and one resleeved,the other 4 honed i want to rebuild,what kind of cost would the cylinder work run thanx

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    Down here in Pensacola, Fl I pay $40.00 a hole for boring, can't remember what I last paid for a resleeve.

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    great im in mobile al. what and where is the fab shop,thanx

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    hi does anyone know of an outboard machine shop by the gulf, Ms,Al. northwest Fl.thanx

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    I am having a 1986 200hp mercury outboard resleeved. Was told that I need to be shure I use a cast iron ring for the resleeved cylinder. I'm showing part#813011a12 as a piston ring set but nobody can tell me if they are cast iron or not. Serial number on my motor is #a179033 if anyone can assist

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    ​7 year old thread

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