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    Default Replace impeller in 40hp yamaha

    Hi,I would like to replace the impeller in a CV40 Yamaha,have read the manuel and see the proceedure however I cannot see how the water pump connects to the pipe/canel to deliver the water to the engine. Is this just a push on connection or is there something there that needs to be disconnected.The proceedure,undo five retaining bolts,the gear control and remove the lower leg seems straght forward,is there something I am missing,thanks.

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    Default Re: Replace impeller in 40hp yamaha

    It just pushes in - there is a guide tube and rubber seal that hold it in place and "seal" it from leaking.

    When you remove the lower unit the water tube will pull out of the guide on the cover - nothing to disconnect at that point...

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    Default Re: Replace impeller in 40hp yamaha

    Thanks for that info galamb,thought that may be the case but did not wan't to pull apart without confirmation,cheers

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