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    Jul 2008
    Middletown, MD, USA

    Default Suzuki DF140 blinking oil light

    Sorry to repost but I am getting anxious,
    I posted on 6-14 about my oil light blinking about twice a second when running. I reset the oil change interval warning , replaced the oil pressure sensor switch, checked all the wire connections I could reach or find, and replaced the oil and filter (no changes). I used the suzuki filter, and Quaker state 10W40 oil.
    If you turn the key to the run position (without starting) after the usual 2 second horn all the trouble lights go out okay but after a few seconds the oil light starts blinking twice every few seconds and the alarm horn beeps quickly twice along with the light. The check engine light does not come on and the horn does not sound other than as described. I should add that the rpm limiter also does not engage.

    anybody any guesses please
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    Nov 2009
    carrabelle, fl, usa

    Default Re: Suzuki DF140 blinking oil light

    I have the same problem on my 250 4 stroke and can't even reset the oil change intervalwarning, how did you do that? Have you called Brownspoint and checked with their tech? I'm going to see if I can find a Suzuki mechanic after this weekend. Good luck and please post the solution and I will too

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    Feb 2010
    Newport News, Virginia, USA`

    Default Re: Suzuki DF140 blinking oil light

    The oil change reminder is supposed to blink the oil light a couple times a second, and if the engine is not running but the key is on, you should get a double beep every 5 seconds or so. If yours does this, you have not properly cancelled the reminder.

    To cancel:
    1. Turn the ignition key on.
    2. Pull out the emergency switch "plate" (The forked plastic keeper that pulls off to activate the switch)
    3. Pull out the emergency stop switch knob 3 times within 7 seconds. A short beep will be heard if cancellation is successfully finished.
    4. Turn ignition key to off.
    5. Reinstall the emergency switch plate.

    Hope this helps.

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    Jul 2008
    Middletown, MD, USA

    Default Re: Suzuki DF140 blinking oil light

    I reset it 6 times and recieved the confirming beep each time (it was lying).
    What finally fixed it was to push in the button firmly after each pull that got me the desired result. It may have cleared up on the seventh time anyway but it worked this time and I am happy.
    Thanks to all for your responses.

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