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    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew what the rough cost would be for taking a bad motor (a 1970s mercury 65 hp) off of a good boat and taking a good motor (a 1986 mercury 60 hp) off of a bad boat and putting the good motor onto the good boat. I'm just wondering because I need to do this but I was just wondering the rough cost by a mechanic, or if I should just do it myself, however I have no equipment for it. Thanks for your help in advance.

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    Without looking at it, I'd say 2-3 hours of labor would cover it. Access to some is a pain and you will pay for it. Same goes for any severe corrosion needing attention. A startup and test run would probably be worth another hour if the facility is game.

    an overhead lift with a lifting eye is all that's needed for the specialty tools. with those relatively small engines, a couple strong friends could substitute...just keep the cold ones in the cooler until the heavy lifting is complete.

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    OK thanks for that. I actually took in my boat and had the mechanic take my 60 horse mercury and controls off of the bad boat and now I just need the controls and motor put on another boat. My mechanic says it took him an hour to take off the controls and motor, but is saying it will take him about 5 hours to install it into the other boat. Is this just me or is that seem ridiculous/like my mechanic is trying to scam me as he also wants me to pay up front like $400 for this and says that even if it takes less time I won't be refunded. Is this just me or is this kind of shady. Right now he has my boat and motor with only one hour of work done on it (cost of $85). Should I pay him that and find a new mechanic? I'm really lost on this one so I appriceiate any help!!

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    Mechanic is probably safe-siding himself because of potential steering and controls issues between the two motors. It takes some fiddling around to get everything working right.

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