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    Question Suzuki DF6 2002 6hp

    Engine (4 stroke) will not idle at normal RPM. At higher than normal RPM a shift to forward or reverse will stall engine. Engine will not reach wide open RPM on running boat. At high idle RPM (moving forward about 3K) and then shift to forward the engine will back fire and raise up on tilt stops and stall.
    Carb. removed and cleaned. Air valve set at 2 1/2. New carb gasket installed. Nothing works.
    Problems began year ago when club member overfilled oil to very top. Since that time the engine never would run right at idle. When you run engine at high idle and put thumb over carb intake the RPM increases. Engine acts like it always needs more fuel. Same problem running on internal or external tank. Need ideas badly.
    Hank Lavery, Chief Engineer, Pentagon Sailing Club, Bolling AFB
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    Default Re: Suzuki DF6 2002 6hp

    I am now having the same problem with mine. did you ever reach the cause of the problem?

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