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    Default why would motor get hot when water pump working?

    I have a 1981 35 hp johnson that I just purchased attached to a pontoon. was in water had sat through winter. Motor fired easy drove across lake water coming out pee hole, was messing around and took 1 more spin around lake. started bogging down then died. pulled cover motor hotter than hell -was melting coils! replaced coils ! figured pump went out tear down revealed functioning pump. what would cause heat- My possible thought that dirty carbs caused lean mixture causing heat. any other ideas? or is there a thermostat gone bad?
    Last edited by hiram100; 05-25-2010 at 01:55 AM. Reason: another thought

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    May 2009

    Default Re: why would motor get hot when water pump working?

    Stuck thermostat, or plugged water passages are also possibles.

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    May 2008
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    Default Re: why would motor get hot when water pump working?

    Worth checking the thermostat perhaps but the whole cylinder head cover has to come off to get at it.

    You say "tear down revealed functioning pump". How did you determine that the pump was OK ?
    Didnt go to all the trouble of tearing it down to get to the pump and then not put a new impeller in surely?

    If the thermostat is Ok and the pump is truly Ok then blocked water passages some where is the most likely problem.
    Scaled up cylinder head perhaps.

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    Default Re: why would motor get hot when water pump working?

    thanks - yes we did replace impeller pump- the old one was soft pliable no sign of damage

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    Apr 2010

    Default Re: why would motor get hot when water pump working?

    Maybe swelled water deflectors in the block under the cyl head.

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