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    Default 1985 Evinrude V4 90hp VRO Fuel Problem

    My friend has a problem with a boat he just purchased. It has the above motor and he is not getting very much fuel to the cylinders. When I put some into the cylinders it fires right up but will not pump it on its own. I was told by a dealer that the fuel pump outlet should have 5-8psi of pressure. I do not have a gauge. He said that you should not be able to hold your thumb over the outlet of the fuel pump while cranking the engine over. I tried and found that I could keep my thumb there but there was some pressure. I slowly removed my thumb and the fuel sprayed sideways for a few seconds. There is very little fuel in the fuel filter housing. Not sure if the diaphragm is bad or what. I have no knowledge of this engine. I am asking for my friend who does not own a computer. If you can help, please e-mail me at [email protected].

    I thank you for any help you can provide.


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    Default Re: 1985 Evinrude V4 90hp VRO Fuel Problem

    After you spray some fuel into th cylinders, then fire it up, what happens? Does the engine continue to run or simply burn off the fuel you sprayed in and stop?

    When you pump up the fuel primer bulb, is fuel entering the carburetor float chambers? are you pushing the key in to activate the fuel primer solenoid when attempting (cranking) to start the engine?

    If you have fuel in the float chambers, the engine should run on that amount of fuel before stoping. If fuel exists in the carburetors but won't start or run, usually that indicates fouled carburetors. If so, remove, clean, and rebuild them.

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