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    Default Newbie: Motor Turns But Not Starting 1976 65 hp


    New to the boating scene. 1976 65hp Merc motor. Turns over fine but just won't start . I'm looking for a trouble shooting list or things to check or do before I spend a bundle at a shop. Any help would be most appreciated.

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    Default Re: Newbie: Motor Turns But Not Starting

    I wouldn't spend a bundle on a 76 model.

    If you have access to a timing light, the first thing you can check is the spark - if you have spark at all cylinders then you know the ignition system is ok.

    Also, a compression test will quickly tell you if the motor is capable of running without a rebuild.

    If you have spark and good compression then you know that the issue lies somewhere in the fuel system.

    Do you have any history on the motor?

    When was it last running? Has it been sitting for years? When was it last serviced?

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    Default Re: Newbie: Motor Turns But Not Starting


    The motor was running last season, right up to end September of '09. As to when it was last serviced, I would have to assume several years ago and I'm sure the fuel in the tank has been there since last season as well. Got a deal on the boat...the motor just happened to come with it and as it did, I saw no reason to run out and get a replacement without attempting to use it.

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    Default Re: Newbie: Motor Turns But Not Starting

    clean the carbs, making sure all the jetsw and ports are clean. then throw out the old gas and use fresh with some seafoam in it. as already stated, check the spark. Don't do like I did yesterday and forget to pump the primer. I almost pulled the carbs for no reason.

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