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    Question how do i check oil sensor 1995 200 hp

    mercury outboard black max 1995 200hp xri og216310

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    Default Re: how do i check oil sensor

    If you are talking about the oil level sensor, the quick check is to unplug it and see if the "beep beep beep beep" goes away - at least that's the simple test.

    Once unhooked you can check it with an ohm meter. If it shows near no continuity (lots of resistance), between the two leads (blue/black wires) and the oil tank is full, then the sensor is shot (or more often, the float in the tank that completes the circuit is shot).

    If you have no continuity you can remove the oil cap and use a piece of wire to try and snag the float and make it "mate up" with the sensor - if you get a completed circuit at that point, the float is bad (and can only be reparied by replacing the whole tank) - if you still get no continuity with the float in contact with the sensor, then it's the sensor that is shot (and it can be replaced as a single item).....

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    Default Re: how do i check oil sensor

    i unplug horn still going completes the circuit is shot).

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    Default Re: how do i check oil sensor

    is oil Warning Modulebad how do i check it

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