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    Default 1997 Johnson 150 hp Fuel Pump Issue

    I have a 97 Johnson 150 Faststrike on which I had the oil injection system removed about 7 years ago (mechanic removed oil tank, disconnected appropriate alarms, etc). I started mixing the oil with the gas as I had done for many years anyway. About 4-5 years later, the fuel pump (VRO) failed. The local mechanic recommended an electric fuel pump (automotive) vs. replacing the conventional VRO pump. He mounted the pump in the back storage compartment between the built in fuel tank and the engine itself. The pump worked great and no more priming. After about a year, the electric pump failed. We chalked it up to a bad pump and replaced it. After another year, the second pump failed. I believe the name brand of the pumps is Aztec if that matters. I am now questioning whether I should replace the electric pump again or should I go back to a conventional pump? If I go back to a conventional pump, is there a "non-VRO" fuel pump that will fit this motor (ifso, anyone have a part number)? I am being told that the VRO pumps won't last as long without the oil injection system in place (i.e., one side of the pump is essentially empty since there is no oil flow through the pump)?

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    Default Re: 97 Johnson 150 Fuel Pump Issue

    I dont know if this will work on a 150 but if you get a 3 hose mechanical pump like most johnson evinrude (you need the one with the third hose fitting for vacuum ) fint the hose that goes to the motor vacuum pulse thinggy ma jig and some wire ties unless u have nice place to mount it

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    Default Re: 97 Johnson 150 Fuel Pump Issue

    there is,a vro repl 'fuel only'..pump....thats what u need......elect fuel pumps,can be a headache by flooding carbs,etc,and a huge fire/safety hazard.

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    Default Re: 97 Johnson 150 Fuel Pump Issue

    Due to the vapor chamber and connections I would recommend either the VRO without oil pump or the normal VRO and re-hook the oil tank.

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    Default Re: 97 Johnson 150 Fuel Pump Issue

    The part # of the fuel only pump is 435596. You can get this from any Evinrude/Johnson dlr.

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