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    Apr 2010
    Wildwood, FL

    Cool 1965 Johnson 6hp slow speed needle setting

    I read the "Top Secret File" on carb cleaning. The adjustment settings there don't match them manual, so I'm asking the question...

    I have a 1965 Johnson 6hp CD-22M outboard. I replaced a bad head gasket and rebuilt the carb. It starts rather easily, and seems to run OK, but I have not set the air/fuel other than 2 turns out as an initial setting. What is the procedure for setting this up correctly. Right now as I said, it runs well, but seems to smoke quite a bit. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Steve in Cent. FL

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    May 2008
    Kent, the garden of England, UK

    Default Re: 1965 Johnson 6hp slow speed needle setting

    Also in that Top Secret File you will find "How do I adjust my carbs" which is Joe Reeves instructions on setting the mixture needles

    Oh Heck it is:

    (Carburetor Adjustment - Single S/S Adjustable Needle Valve)
    (J. Reeves)

    Initial setting is: Slow speed = seat gently, then open 1 turns.

    Start engine and set the rpms to where it just stays running. In segments of 1/8 turns, start to turn the S/S needle valve in. Wait a few seconds for the engine to respond. As you turn the valve in, the rpms will increase. Lower the rpms again to where the engine will just stay running.

    Eventually you'll hit the point where the engine wants to die out or it will spit back (sounds like a mild backfire). At that point, back out the valve 1/4 turn. Within that 1/4 turn, you'll find the smoothest slow speed setting.

    Note: As a final double check setting of the slow speed valve(s), if the engine has more than one carburetor, do not attempt to gradually adjust all of the valves/carburetors at the same time. Do one at a time until you hit the above response (die out or spit back), then go on to the next valve/carburetor. It may be necessary to back out "all" of the slow speed adjustable needle valves 1/8 turn before doing this final adjustment due to the fact that one of the valves might be initially set ever so slightly lean.

    When you have finished the above adjustment, you will have no reason to move them again unless the carburetor fouls/gums up from sitting, in which case you would be required to remove, clean, and rebuild the carburetor anyway.

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    Apr 2010
    Wildwood, FL

    Default Re: 1965 Johnson 6hp slow speed needle setting

    Thank you VICS, the motor is now running like a top!

    Steve in Cent. FL

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