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    Default I was logged in on the old board but I can't log in now...

    If you were registered on the old board you are still registered but will have to reset your password by using the Forgotten Your Password link below. You password from the old discussion board / forum was not imported with the upgrade and will have to be reset.

    When enter you email at the Forgotten password link, you will get two emails. When you get the first one you will have to click on the link in the email.

    The second email (which you will only get if you click on the link in the first email) will have a NEW password. You can keep that password or you can change it to whatever you choose. There will be a link in the second email that will allow you to get to the page to change your password. Remember you must enter you the password you just received as the existing password prior to changing.

    I think I made this sound more difficult than it is. Really you can just click the forgotten password link and then follow the instructions.

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