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    Default I was just curious I am going

    I was just curious I am going to spray paint my sterndrive from a 1985 140hp mercruiser with professional grade rustoleum primer and paint is there anything besides the water intake and weep hole that i need to tape off it is still on the boat just gonna give her the once over to pretty her up

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    Default don't paint the zinks

    don't paint the zinks

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    Default "Rustoleum should be fine. If

    "Rustoleum should be fine. If you decide to go with anti-fouling paint, don't use anything that contains copper. The copper will do it's job and keep stuff from growing, but it'll also act as a cathode... your aluminum stern drive will then become the sacrificial annode."

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    Default "[url=""]http://www.mercstuff.


    here's a good read on the topic"

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    Default Ok i know where the anode is t

    Ok i know where the anode is that has a fin on iot is there anymore anodes or is that the only one it is a 1985 mercruiser alpha 1 drive

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    Default "Ayuh,.. There's the 2 ti

    "Ayuh,.. There's the 2 tiny 1s, at the bottom of the transom shield...
    The 2 lowest mounting studs.."
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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    i have a 2004 Alpha 1 Gen 2. The paint on the outdrive looks to be in great shape but i would like to put some kind of anti fouling paint on it since it will be docked in saltwater most of season . Do I need to sand off all of the paint off the outdrive before doing so even though the factory paint is in great shape? Any products recomended? thanks

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    Anti fouling paint for stern drives applies over the (clean) factory paint on the drive, not instead of it. Follow directions on antifouling paint. NOTE stern drives require special antifouling paint. You CANNOT use the same paint as on the bottom of the boat. I've had good luck using Aluma-koat by Aquagard


    I buy it in the 1 quart can instead of the spray.. I find it easier to use and cheaper... i.e., a one quart can will do my drive for a couple of seasons.

    Its an ablative paint so should not be used on boats that routinely run over 40 mph.

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