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    Default "B100S 1502465 Helo,I am ne

    "B100S 1502465
    Helo,I am new and have a problem
    ,imagine that, Can't seem to get any spark at the plug (new plugs).

    I do have a green light at the oil ??? when I pull the rope.So what do I check next? To try to start it I have it in nutral, the handle turned to start, and I then I pull the rope.

    Also since this is a CDI system and I don't know what that means, but think it has something to do with a charging system. It has this plug on the side with 2 prongs, an you use this to charge a battery or run some thing? If so which is + and which is -?


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    Jan 2010
    Wilson, N.C., USA

    Default "1st thing,unplug your kill sw

    "1st thing,unplug your kill switch on the tiller handle to made sure thats not the problem. 2nd make sure the safety switch clip is on the switch (the safety line that goes on your wrist).
    Check these 2 things first. Hope this helps!"

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    Default Thanks Jimmy I looked at the

    Thanks Jimmy
    I looked at the kill switch and it's a button on the handle but I didn't find a way to unplug it. It appears to be a green and black that goes under the rope pull assembly and (this is not my motor but my son-in-laws) I am not sure if it has a safety clip so I will look.

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    Jan 2010
    Wilson, N.C., USA

    Default "Cool, Just trace the wires fr

    "Cool, Just trace the wires from the kill switch on the tiller handle, look under the cover and you should be able to just unplug the wires and then check for fire."

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    Default Re: Honda 100 4 stroke CDI

    I have a Honda 100 4 stroke CDI boat motor, I have installed a new carburetor and a new fuel pump. When I run the engine fast it cuts out it will restart ok butkeeps cutting out at more than slow speed. Any ideas as to what's wrong, Joseph

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    Nov 2009
    temecula, ca., usa

    Default Re: Honda 100 4 stroke CDI

    Hi Joseph,
    You should start a new thread as this one is a few months old. You will probably get more responses that way. Include more info for people to work with like what year the motor is, and if you changed the carb and fuel pump because of this problem or if it is a new problem. If it is a new problem, say how long the engine ran ok after the carb and fuel pump were replaced and list any other work you may have done like plugs and wires or compression test etc...

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