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    Default 1975 merc 65 hp 650 distributor

    "I would like to convert my 1975 merc 650 3 cyl outboard to electronic ignition, Is there a kit or method of doing so out there anywhere? If not, are there any caps and rotors available that don't cost an arm and a leg?"

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    Default It already is electronic: the

    It already is electronic: the distributor has a mag pickup that triggers the ignition via the switchbox and fires the coil through the distributor.

    Is yours running okay?


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    Default It still has the point type ig

    It still has the point type ignition. It has an intermittent miss that seams to be caused by a faulty distributor cap. The cap is ridiculously expensive and I was wondering if there is a fix that does not cost more than the boat does.

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    Default "I had to stop laughing before

    "I had to stop laughing before I could type this! You wouldn't believe it, Daniel, but I have the exact same motor, and I performed the 'fix' you're talking about! Honestly! I mean, what's the odds on that?

    I tossed out that $$$$$ Merc distributor completely and made one from a Chevy V-8 marine distributor. (My very good buddy Bob did the machine work.) Next came finding a 6 cylinder dist cap (harder than it seems). I first tried to use points and a 12 volt coil, but that didn't work above 3,000 rpms due to point bounce. I since modified the distributor to use a Mopar electronic system, as shown in the photos below.

    Sure, it was a lot of work, but it seems to work fine and the parts are dirt cheap! The ECU is 30 bucks new at NAPA; the cap is 10 bucks, the coil was 40 bucks (I paid too much) and the trigger deal was under 25 bucks. All of these parts can easily be found used at a junkyard for under 20 bucks (if you know how to negotiate!)


    PS: The 'points cam' that also triggers the Mopar Hall Effect sensor was made from a hex nut with three flats machined off!


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    Default "That just made my day. I bou

    "That just made my day. I bought the boat 3 years ago when I was 16. The transom was rotten so I repaired it with Seacast. Then the impeller crashed and burnt some gaskets. I am 19 and in college and have already poured more money into this project than I should have. I could not believe they wanted 600 dollars for the distributor and rotor. I had just but given up. Thanks for the info, next paycheck will definately be going towards the boat. Summer is approaching, and I am getting restless.
    Thanks again,

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