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    Default "after winter storage, i fired

    "after winter storage, i fired up the motor it started right fine, however no water came out so i shut the motor off, i started it again later but still no water so any thoughts or.........

    thanks, brad"

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    Default "Depending on how many seasons

    "Depending on how many seasons are on the pump, normally it should prime up and deliver water in a very few seconds. If it was just recently replaced, then I would first rule out any blockage in the tell-tale tube, nozzle or passage before condemning the pump. It could be something as simple as a spider decided to make a home in there. If the pump is any older that a season or two, then I would service the impeller anyway as that is just the price of going boating.

    Those impeller vanes don't like setting all curled up in that housing for an extended amount of time or useage before becoming brittle and breaking. Allowing an impeller to age like wine will only bring you more complex problems as it starts to disintegrate and pieces get into places you don't want them."

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