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    Default "We recently purchased a 38

    "We recently purchased a 38' sailboat with a 1993 Perkins Prima 50. Engine starts fine but water is someone getting into the engine. Engine was pressure tested & head gasket is ok, exhaust seems to be set up correctly also. Any suggestions would be appreciated."

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    At the end of last season the internal tubing of my heat exchanger rotted and I began sucking river water into the block. The engine kept running as it was well cooled but the antifreeze and any water that wouldn't fit in the block forced itself through the filler cap and into the bilge. It might be something to look at.

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    Check to see if you have an anti-siphon loop between heat exchanger and exhaust elbow and that it is not stuck or clogged.

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    These M50s are a PITA

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    Probably a leak in the heat exchanger. Most of the time, the oil pressure is higher than the raw water, so only a little water transfers at startup. You should see some oil loss and a sheen in the exhaust water.

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