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    Default "Hello all, new to site. I hav

    "Hello all, new to site. I have a 20HP Mariner serial # OB193908. I bought a Seloc manual but it dosen't cover the motor i have. I'm trying to set the timing. It has dots instead of numbered degrees. Would appreciate info on correct manual and explanation of dots?"

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    Default "If you have the Seloc's m

    "If you have the Seloc's manual for "Mariners" then you got the one for the Yami built models - yours is a Merc/Mariner so you need the "Seloc's for 1&2 cylinder Mercs 1965-91".

    Anyhow, the two setting regarding the dots you need to know are the "idle timing in gear" which is 2 degrees ATDC (after top dead center).

    This is located at the first (tick) mark to the right of the SINGLE dot.

    Your max timing advance, at wide open throttle is at 25 degrees BTDC (before top dead center) which is bang on the 3 DOTS....."

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    Default "Thank you for the reply, info

    "Thank you for the reply, info is very helpfull."

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