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    Default "1990 115 VRO Installation 19

    "1990 115 VRO Installation
    1990 Evinrude 115 HP, model # E115TLESB

    Evinrude Parts 1990 E115TLESB 1990 VRO2 PUMP - 90-100-115 MODELS Diagram

    During removal of the existing VRO pump, I discovered that the FUEL MANIFOLD ASSEMBLY had separated at the top (inlet from fuel pump). When reviewing the VRO schematic diagram for my model engine (see VRO SCHEMATIC location above), I noticed that there were only two discharge nipples, located near the bottom of the manifold. The manifold that I am attempting to replace has three discharge nipples, one near the top and two near the bottom. The inlet nipple on the old manifold faces vertically, and the three discharge nipples all face the same direction, on the same axis. I also noted in the Evinrude service manual, 90 degree cross V models 85-115, 150-175, section 2, page 37, that the fuel manifold assembly is configured like the one I need to replace.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to replace this manifold with the correct

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    Default "i see,what u r referring to,.

    "i see,what u r referring to,..however,i dont think that schematic is correct,...the manifolds,have an 'in' at top.. ,an 'out',for top carb,a primer 'out' and a lower carb 'out'..
    i would order-- # 0394312 FUEL MANIFOLD ASSY. 1 $21.01 USD Available ...and hope for the best."

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    Default "be sure,...and follow ur manu

    "be sure,...and follow ur manual,on that vro installation.ur eng,depends on it!"

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    Default "Thank you for your reply. I

    "Thank you for your reply. I think I will do that. What is your opinion on using standard marine fuel line for the connection between the fuel pump and the manifold inlet? This could become necessary if the manifold inlet is positioned at a 90 degree angle.

    Again, thank you for your help!!!"

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    Default "not a prob,unless,it kinks an

    "not a prob,unless,it kinks and restricts flow,causing a lean condition."

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    Default "[url=""]http://www.boats.net/


    I received the parts today, and the manifold is indeed the correct one! My questions are, what special tools, if any, are necessary for the clamps (#11, 16 & 17 on the diagram above)? It appears that channel locks would work on them, but #11 looks like a simple wire tie setup. Any advice??"

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    Default "Just came across this and by

    "Just came across this and by now you've probably got that engine up and running. However, for reference.......

    I've found that the black tie straps work perfectly on all of the various size fuel/oil hoses, including the hoses in your diagram that are using the plastic toothed type. The exception being old hoses that are obviously a too loose fit to begin with. Old worn loose hoses...... replace as soon as possible.

    Thousands of parts in my remaining stock. Not able to list them all. Let me know what you need and I'll look it up for you. Visit my eBay store at:

    We occasionally have questions. If you fail to answer, it may affect ours.

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    Default "I did indeed get the motor up

    "I did indeed get the motor up and running! I will test the boat on the water this coming week.

    I found that the zip ties I ordered had the curvature inside which made for tight connections. I also ordered the "tooth grip" fasteners, and used them where recommended. In the future I would not hesitate to used the molded zip ties for all hose connections."

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