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Thread: Leaded Gas

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    Feb 2010
    Detroit, MI,

    Default After reading my Pleasurecraft

    After reading my Pleasurecraft/Waukesha marine engine manual. I noticed that in bold letters it says LOW LEAD FUELS MAY BE USED INTERMITTENTLY. NO-LEAD FUELS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED.I have twin 1977 302 V drives and will be starting them for the first time myself in the spring. ANY thuoghts?

    Detroit MI

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    Default "You don't have a lot of c

    "You don't have a lot of choices here....That is the timeframme for the phase out of leaded fuel. The lead was a lube forr several areas, the valve seats were most likely target.

    You can run the available unleaded fuel,

    You can try to obtain leaded fuel - expense and major undertaking,

    Go to your local auto parts supplier and get the "lead substitute additive". Don't expect it to be cheap.

    I'd go with the first option and then see what happens."

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    Feb 2010
    Detroit, MI,

    Default "Thanks for the input makomark

    "Thanks for the input makomark

    Looking through my manuals and paperwork I found a Ford Engineering information bullein dated June 20 1985. I would still like to know if my engines are one of these designations? I called pleasurecraft and they were more interested in rebuilding my motors(3600.00)then finding out if my motors were on the list.

    Subject: EPA's lead phaedown of regular leaded gasoline

    EPA issued a final ruling on March 7 1985 that reduces the leadcontent of leaded gasoline from the current 1.10 gm/gal to .5 gm/gal on july 1 1985 and to .1 gm/gal on Jan 1 1986.

    Since 1974 the majority of gasoline engines sold by Industrail Engine Operations have incorperated induction hardened or inserted exhaust valve seats (designed to operate on unleaded fuel). It is our judgement thatthe reduction in lead level of regular leaded gasoline will not affect the continued satisfactory operation of these engines.

    The only engines sold by IEO since 1974 which did not have induction hardened or inserted exaust valve seats were the V4-104, KSG-411, some KSG-416 and some VSG-411 engines. All VSG-411 enginesengines will have exhaust valve seat inserts byJan 1 1986. The new VSG-413 engine will have inserts at introduction later this year There is a cylinder head availible for the KSG-416 engine engine with induction Hardened exhaust valve seats.

    There is is very little test data availible on the effect gasoline with a .1gm/gal lead level will have on engines(designed to operate on leaded fuel)which do not have induction hardenedor inserted exhaust valve seats. The rate and amount of valve seat wear will depend Engines operating on low speed and light load duty cycles should not experience any adverse effects. Engines run at high speeds and high power levels may be susceptible to some greater than normal exhaust valve recession with extended use of 0.1 gm/gal lead level gasoline. It is not know at this time if non-lead gasoline additives for valve seat lubricantion will be available to offset the reduction in lead of regular leaded gasoline.

    The octane level of regular leaded gasoline is 89 (R+M/2). If the new 0.1 gm/gal lead gasoline maintains this octane level, engine performance should not be affected. We believe the oil companies will maintain an octane level that meets the operating requirements of engines designed to run on regular leaded gasoline. However, if a lower octane level gasoline is used, ignition initial timing may have t be retarded to eliminate detonation and this could result in a loss of power.

    C. F. Maddox
    Prooduct Engineer Dept.

    I think I'll use your first suggestion and just run the unleaded fuel."

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    Sep 2008
    Maryland - USA

    Default "Ed: You'll find most o


    You'll find most of the "Big Guys" in the engine business knew about the lead phase out plans long before the rest of us. Most changed their tooling to do the induction hardening on the cylinder heads vs the mmachining for an insert. And they did this long before is was 'necessary'.

    I haven't met a single boater that has had an issue using unleaded fuel in their 'old' engines. I think your path forward is a wise one.

    The octane change mentioned in that notice you posted has caused more issues than the lead. You may want to double check that number in your manual as well as the pump, at the next fill up. I've seen different service bulletins call for between 2 & 4 degrees less initial timing. I seen several engines run just fine without any adjustment too.

    The other item to be concerned with is the ethanol in the fuel, especially if you have fiberglas tanks."

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