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    Default 1991 70 hp Force Timing Marks

    I have a 1991 70hp 3cyl Force outboard. The specs say the static timing should be 32 deg btdc and dynamic timing should be 30 btdc. The marks on the flywheel only go to 28 deg. Why would they want you to set it higher than the flywheel marks? What settings do you guys use?

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    Default "I have a 50hp, 2cyl Force ob

    "I have a 50hp, 2cyl Force ob and the flywheel has 3 marks. First mark in the direction of rotation is 28 deg. the next two in order are 30 and 32 deg. I pull the plugs and short them out with a pair of wires, attach a timing light to no.1 cyl and have someone crank the engine over with the key. Set the timing on the center mark and you are done. Works well for me."

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    Default "My flywheel has graduations f

    "My flywheel has graduations from 0 to 28 deg (similar to a harmonic balancer on a car). I tried to set it using the same procedure described, but I can only move the mark to about 20 deg before I run out of adjustment.

    The engine seems to run fine although it seems to miss a little at full throttle. However, since it is running up to almost 5k rpm I'm thinking I might have the wrong prop."

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