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    Default "Hello, This is a perkins r


    This is a perkins related question, but not for a boat. However, after reading some post the members here seem knowledgable and may be able to help me. Attached is a picture with a red arrow pointing to the problem area. Basically, I believe the "head" on my engine is leaking diesel fuel when it is running. There are several small "ports" drilled in the side of the head and one of them is leaking fuel. It drips about 2 drops every 3 seconds. Is this a simply fix by chance? The engine only has 600 hours on it. The engine is a 99 hp unit that came out of a telescopic forklift. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

    contact me at [email protected]

    Thank you in advance....


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    Default "Never seen that engine, but m

    "Never seen that engine, but my guess is that is the injector bypass return line and should have a connection leading back to the tank somewhere. Can you check the device it came out of to see if it had a line there?"

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    Default "Sorry, the engine is still in

    "Sorry, the engine is still in the telescopic forklift.... guess my typing fingers and brain were on different wave lengths!


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    Default "If it is definitely diesel co

    "If it is definitely diesel coming out, then they must be drain holes for potential leakage in some part of the head. Presumably the injectors go down in there somewhere, and maybe it drains around them. I'd have a good look at the injectors to see if one is leaking. Can't see where they are in the photo, maybe post a picture of them so we can see. What model is it?"

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    Default It is the 1104c-44t engine.

    It is the 1104c-44t engine.

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    Each injector should have 2 pipes connected to it. One for fuel supply from the injector pump, and one to return the back leakage to the tank or the fuel suction system. I suspect that the fuel you see dripping out of that hole is from a leaking pipe at the injector - probably the back leakage connection is faulty.

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    how sure are you that its diesel i know this engine very well are you sure it isnt coolant it is almost impossible for that hole to leak fuel but either way that hole is not suppose to have any fluid coming out of it and is not going to be a easy fix ill have to open my perkins engine book to see why and what could be coming out that hole i ll let you know

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    remove the three bolt to acess your injectors on the top of the engine the drain hole allows water and junk to not collect around your injectors i am willing to beat that one of those cheap little return hose is leaking fuel wich is then drain out that hole in the picture once u remove the 3 10mm bolt on the top cover u will see

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