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    Default " I run a fish and ski in salt

    " I run a fish and ski in salt water. Motor runs almost every week during winter and a couple times a week during ski season (April - October). Last time out it became hard to start and lost some power. Repair man showed me a piston with a broken ring and damage to top of piston like the motor ingested something. He wants to rebuild power head. I can replace the motor for $7,000. Does a rebuild have a chance of lasting? The motor has been struggling to stay cool for the past two years. Probably salt coorosion and build up. If anyone has had a motor rebuilt, please tell me how it went and what I can ask up front. "

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    Default "Laren.... It sounds like you&

    "Laren.... It sounds like you're saying that your mechanic quoted you a price of $1000 to rebuild the engine. I know $1000 is quite a bit of money, but rebuilding one of those engines properly has always cost approximately $1500, sometines more, depending on the internal damage and machine work required.

    Regardless of whether a engine is completely rebuilt, top to bottom, and should it cost, say to pick a figure... $1800, or should it simply need a carburetor rebuilt, the warranty from any shop is going to be thirty (30) days. If you had the factory rebuild it, they might give a warranty of 90 days, but I doubt seriously they would exceed that time limit.

    Bottom line is that the rebuild/repair job will only be as good as the person doing the work. The exception being a new faulty part that might fail which would have no bearing on the mechanics ability (it happens). The figures you state leave a difference of $6000 which indicates that you can gamble a $1000 and cross your fingers, or spend the additional amount, starting anew... a judgement call you'll need to make. I wish you luck.

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    Default " In addition to what Joe has

    " In addition to what Joe has stated, I would ask the person who will rebuild the motor what the rebuild entails? In my opinion a rebuild is not the honing, and/or boring of one cylinder and replacing a piston and rings.

    Find out exactly what he plans to do, the cylinder head should be resurfaced, crank and bearings checked etc etc.

    If he sounds competent and will warranty his work for 30 days or so I would go for the $1000 deal. "

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