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    Default need to know if there is a re

    need to know if there is a remanufactured carb for a palmer p-60 1973 vintage columbia sloop engine

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    Default " I've been following the

    " I've been following the discussion between Brendan, Richard, and Gil on M60/P60 water pumps. The seals and bearings on my Sherwood E20 are shot and I've bought the replacements. My pump appears to be the same one shown in Gil's Palmer drawing. The drawing shows snap rings on between bearings and on the forward end of the forward bearing. Before I go any further, what is the best way to press the shaft and bearings before I start? "

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    Default Re: "Paul, Please send me an [url

    i have a 1958 Chris with a pair of Greenwich Palmer MK VI-150 Bluefish inline 6 cylinder gas engines. one exhaust manifold is leaking. looking for a potential source for a replacement. would appreciate any help or leads. [email protected]

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