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Thread: Gardner Engines

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    Default " I have a Gardner 5L3 diesel

    " I have a Gardner 5L3 diesel engine in my boat. It is 5 cylinder, 15 litres, max 900 rpm. Has anyone any experience in what to look out for as far as maintenance goes for these engines.
    ClausNZ "

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    Default "ClausNZ, Hopefully someone


    Hopefully someone can give you some first hand advise here... in the mean time we do have some links for companies that handle Gardner engines or parts in our directory.

    Andrew Menkart

    "There is no situation in which knowledge is more truly power than at sea."
    - Lord Brassey

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    Default "Hi, I have an assortment of n

    "Hi, I have an assortment of new Gardner engine (LW) spares that I used to supply to the gold mines, who have phased out Gardner engines. Is there anyone who would be interested in purchasing these parts from me.
    [email protected]"

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    Default " i want to buy a gardner engi

    " i want to buy a gardner engine from 100hp to 500hp for a 70ft long cargo boat. Still researching, if anyone can give me price listings for them. "

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    Default "***** ****** [url=""]***** 69

    "***** ****** ***** 691"

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    Default Re: " i want to buy a gardner engi

    I have Gardner engines for sale.

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