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    Default "I am getting a few drops of g

    "I am getting a few drops of gear oil out from behind my prop. I am told that I need to change the prop seal and the O ring in the case. I understand that there is a seal retainer on the main seal that is a real SOB to get off without causing dammage to the retainer. Apparently it costs like 125.00 for a new retainer to replace it if I screw it up. I have worked on and rebuilt alot of this motor from the midsection up. I have never cracked the gear case though. Can someone with experience please offer some advice on where to start and how to remove that retainer without dammage.

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    Default "The seal isnt hard to replace

    "The seal isnt hard to replace just use common sense when trying to remove it, if you lever it on the thin alloy retainer it will break."

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