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    Default "I own a 2007 36'Carver Ma

    "I own a 2007 36'Carver Mariner with 6.0 Crusader inboards. The Reverso oil sys changer is mounted to the wall of the engine compartment with garden hose ends to each engine. Dealer said thats the way it comes. The ends are not attached to the engines. You have to connect the end to the engine oil dip stick screw on end to use the unit. It should be hard connected to the engine oil pan drain hole. The hose should run directly to the engines, that would make the oil change very simple and less messy. Anyone out there have a Reverso sys? How is it hooked Up? Thank you, John"

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    Default "While I do not have one of th

    "While I do not have one of these systems, I have looked into installing one on our 34C Silverton. It makes the oil and trans fluid changes so easy and clean with a flick of a reversing pump.

    THE MAIN REASON, I did not install one is the inaccessibility of the drain pan fittings on the engine. I can see the transmission ports easily enough but I did not want to spend that much money and still have to handle screwing hoses to the sip stick...I basically do that now ...I slide a poly hose into the dip stick and flick a switch. It is a little sloppy but the manifold and pump assembly would be a significant cost and without being able to eliminate any of the work I am currently doing, to ME, there is no point until I lift out the engine and make a few changes to the oil pan"

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    Default "My engines are Crusader 350CI

    "My engines are Crusader 350CIDs and I put a separate line, with a metal ball valve "on/off' selector in each line, from the bottom of each oil pan, (used a fitting that had the same thread size as the oil pan plug) to a "Y" fitting on the inside transom in the engine room.
    The single line from the "Y" goes to a 12V engine oil pump mounted on the transom.The pump has about a two foot clear line that can be put into a "dirty" oil container.

    I have two electrical lines with small alligator clips on each end and when I want to change the oil from any engine it is just a matter of selecting the engine with the ball valve, and then hooking upo the electrical clips to the pump and house battery and pumping out the oil.

    Been that way for about 6 years now....no problems ......however the engine oil must be hot/warm for the pump to be at the peak of its efficency."
    Don Keye
    From 600 kts to 6 kts

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    Default "I guess I got lucky on the fe

    "I guess I got lucky on the few I'd worked on. The oil pans had 'dip stick holes' on both sides of the oil pan. getting to those outboard plugs was a bit of a contorsionist exercise but only had to be done once.

    I'm thinking the connection should have been made at the factory; at the least, during dealer prep.

    Haven't seen a new 6.0 marine block so can't say if they still use the two plug pans."

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    Default I was all excited when Mark me

    I was all excited when Mark mentioned that I may have 2 dip stick holes. Went to boat today and I only have one. I still feel this should be connected to the oil pans through the drain plugs. I shouldn't have to attach a mounted Reverso oil changer sys to a oil dip stick rod every time. Any one out there have any ideas.

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    Default "Sorry they've 'econom

    "Sorry they've 'econommized' the pan design. As far as other ideas:

    Call/email reverso (reversopumps.com) and see what they suggest.

    Same for crusader (crusaderengines.com).

    Call rick at LineSix Service - He's in NJ and could likely take care of the issue.

    If the existing dipstick install will permit, consider adding a T, and connect the reverso to the bottom leg. (The parts manual doesn't show the 'bottom' connection on the dipstick tube).

    Finally, if you are inclined, you can drain the pan and drill and tap a hole for the hose fitting to connect the reverso. there may be a 'thick' section in the oil pan where this could be done without having to add a bung.

    Again, I haven't touched a 6.0 so these are slightly refined from WAGs....."

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    Default "John, you are correct, there

    "John, you are correct, there is only one dipstick tube on the 6.0.

    Normally boat manufacturers will not make modifications to engines to accommodate aftermarket accessories. The reason for this is, if there is a leak on the oil line or fitting they install and that leak causes damage to the engine, they are on the hook for it. If there are two dipsticks they will use one as a permanent oil changer line, otherwise they will leave the hose loose.

    Reverso may well have an attaching kit available which will allow you to connect directly to the oil pan.

    Good luck,

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