"Hello Gents... ( Sorry About the Epic)
Could some one please help, Im in the process of selling my 17 1/2 foot half cab with the above motor, and because It hadnt been out for a run for 6-7 weeks (Though I did run it on muffs for 5-10 mins 3-4 weeks ago)I decided to take it out on Friday ... the rig had no - to very little fuel in it so started her up with 5 ltr can of mixed fuel, bang .. she started straight away, ran for 5-10 mins again on muffs, Took her out Fri night chasing Bull Sharks , no probs,in the morning off again, for a spot of fishing, ran slow 5-7 knots for half an hr or so, then she began to stall, like starved for fuel, for a couple of Secs the kick right up again, travelled a bit further and she'd run fine for 5 and then would start to miss every now and then. not enough to stall to a stop, but enough to knoww there was a def prob. with the jetty in sight she just started died. turned her over 3-4 times no start, rested for 2-5 mins turned over, and bang she started. this went on for 15-20 mins, so checked bulb, a little soft, but seemed ok, checked fuel line to pump, fuel ok, took covers off carbs, plenty fuel still wouldnt start, checked plugs, pretty wet, so dryed up, she started straight after 4-5 turns.on the way in, we had to run at high revs to get to jetty but every 1-2 mins, she would miss terribly, so I would have to pump the throtte back and forth real quick to get her in. she sounded like she gave a big cough, then ran better for 3-4 mins the gave one or two small misses, then she died 10 mtrs from the jetty, and couldnt start up again. Got her home, really struggled to start, but wouldnt run. Retried 2 hrs later, bang off she went, for half an hr or so, not a single prob. does anyone have any Ideas ?. Prior to all this biz, shes run wonderfully for the last 10-12 outings over the last 12-18 months. I dont want to sell her with the motor running crook ? Thanks ... Dave"