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    Default How much oil is normal coming

    How much oil is normal coming out of the prop area pls/adv

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    Default "It is normal to have oil come

    "It is normal to have oil come out of the exhaust in the center of the prop on a 2 stroke, especially if you idled for a while before shutting it down. It is NOT normal for oil to come out of the gap between the prop and the gearbox; this indicates the failure of one or more seals in the gearcase.

    It is a good idea to post the year and hp of the motor when asking a question here."

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    Default The oil in your gearcase shoul

    The oil in your gearcase should be honey coloured (if its changed regulary) and exhaust residue from unburnt fuel will be black

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    Default "Here is a pic of the area tha

    "Here is a pic of the area that the oil is coming out from it is a 1992 48 SPL Johnson 2 stroke thanks for the posts. This boat last ran in 2004 so is there a chance of build up. The color of oil was gray pls/adv

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    Default "Almost certainly partly burnt

    "Almost certainly partly burnt oil from the fuel.

    Any doubts check the gear oil after it has run for a while.. you'll check or change it before you run it anyway won't you.

    Read THIS and THIS"

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    Default Unburnt fuel washing carbon fr

    Unburnt fuel washing carbon from the exhaust tube to be sure undo the drain bung and check the colour of the gearcase oil.

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