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    Default "Unit is installed in a 1997 S

    "Unit is installed in a 1997 Sea Ray and genset has 280 hours. Engine is gas. Today while starting my genset the unit started OK and came up to speed with 120 volt output. When I started to load it, the engine slowed and the voltage dropped to zero. I shut the unit down and opened engine room hatch. Smoke was coming from the front grill of the generator. The engine starts but it bogs dwon when I try to manually increase speed.

    Can the Generator secion of the gentset be removed and repaired without having toremoved the entire genset?"

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    Default "Gary, Yes the back end can b

    Yes the back end can be removed from gen-set (with out removing generator, and from what u say, it sounds like the back end is gone.
    If you will attempt this yourself, read some about it first!
    I have done many,it can be confusing to the unexperienced mind.
    But yes , with amply room its done in the boat, I've done many in s/y boats, not that they are bad,but im a dealer for them."

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    Default "Lee, thanks for your fedback.

    "Lee, thanks for your fedback. I have aparts list and have removed all of the bolts I can find by touch and have disconnected electrical wiring. Unfortunately I cannot get the starter side to move. I moved the other side approximately 1/4 inch from the rear plate. is there a trick or a hidden bolt?


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    Default "Did you take the stater bolts

    "Did you take the stater bolts out??
    There are 2 engine mount bolts,2 starter bol;ts and 6 backing plate bolts. Then u will pry the gen. housing away from the stator (with support under engine oil pan) lable the wires. Then remove the 6 bolts from the stator to flywheel and fan assembly Keep the fan, new backends dont come with,Then u will have the "backend" removed. Remember!!the control panel on top must be removed from gen. housing and asso. wires that go into gen. housing."

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    Default "gary, is this gen a 4.5 bcg?

    "gary, is this gen a 4.5 bcg? bcd? bcga?
    if you are in the U.S. and would like to talk about it. leave ur #."

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    Default "Lee, thanks for your input.

    "Lee, thanks for your input. I got the back end off today and am now working with Westerbeke Distributer to purchase a remanufactired unit."

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    Default Y/w good luck.

    Y/w good luck.

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