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    Default "I had new seals put in this m

    "I had new seals put in this motor but the gear shift seal is leaking water into housing, I was wandering how hard ist it to change this seal the mechanic said he couldnt get mine out and had to use another housing, i dont know if he really changed it or not. I am very mechanical I have done a lot to this motor changed points , waterpump but need help here."

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    Default The shift rod seal isn't a

    The shift rod seal isn't all that hard to remove. It does require you to tear the lower unit open. Once you have removed the LU from the motor disassemble it. The seal sits inside a brass bushing which is driven out of the housing from the prop shaft side not the water pump side. What I use is a piece of 5/16 solid brass rod about a foot long. The trick is to have your punch small enough to fit into the rod hole but large enough to catch the lip on the pump side. A couple sharp raps with a hammer and the bushing pops out. Replace the seal with the new one and knock the bushing back into place. Be sure it goes in the way it came out. Also check the shift rod for nicks that could damage the new seal. Put everything back together using a good non silicone sealant. I like Permetex aviation on the old motors. There are posts over on the aomci.org site about how to change these seals along with lots of other useful material and knowledge on the old motors.

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