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    Default "I have a Mercury 50hp 2 strok

    "I have a Mercury 50hp 2 stroke, compression is 120 on all cylinders, that I purchased, when I went with the owner for a test ride, at idle and low rpms( under 2000 )the boat ran smooth, as I accelerated slowly between 2000 and 2700rpms(or so) it seemed a bit hesitant until 2700 rpms and up to 5600 where it ran smooth. Dropping the r's was fine til that same rpm range where it ran rough till it was dropped to low r's and idle where it was fine. I went ahead and purchased the boat any way as the boat has been out only 8 times in the last 5 years and was kept in a lift covered and is in A shape. I took it to a shop and as I figured they wanted to tear the carbs down. While they did the carbs I took the fuel lines off from the tank to the engine. Within that fuel line I could pull out what look like an inner liner (like a straw within a straw) which i assume is ethnol/varnish I asked if since it had been run so little and probably had fuel sitting in it all year round that I go ahead and replace all fuel lines, I was told no need. Another thing that concerned me was that they only let the carbs soak for about 30 mins to an hour too break down the varnish.When I have done older chainsaw carbs,to realy get all the crap out sometime they need to soak overnight and sometimes that doesn't seem long enough. We put it back together and ran fine for a while may be 15-20 hours and started the same crap. I had gone ahead and replaced the line fron the tank to the engine with a new bulb nothing on the engine. Just before it started to act up again I had replace the filter in the engine(when I replaced it seemed to start faster and ran great)I am thinking that everything fuel related need to be replace(fuel lines)and the fuel pump cleaned and/or rebuilt. Even though the previous owner was well off, his wife told me that he was to cheap to buy fuel on the lake and got it at what ever land station(they are really nice people just cheap like my Mom and Dad where god bless thier souls)There is a water seperator installed and new filter installed should be changed again. Any added input you may have would be great sorry for the long post just wanted too make it clear Thanks"

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    Default "sounds like you have it cover

    "sounds like you have it covered, fix it yourself with a manual and keep it away from the stealer"

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    Default "Thanks for the reply, seems t

    "Thanks for the reply, seems that should have been the apporach from the beginning, to me it seemed strange not to start at the source ie the tank and go towards the carbs checking the hoses, filters, pump and such as the crud came from somewhere. Question- I have heard that there is a fuel line that resist ethanol, the lake that the boat is on has ethanol free fuel, but it's hard to say how long that will last. Any good measures, tips you all have to give me would be great Thanks again"

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    Default "I thought all the fuel lines

    "I thought all the fuel lines since the 80's were good, for standard pump gas and 10% ethanol. There have been a few problems with fuel pump check valves and gaskets that I remember. Any hose can break down. If I saw one hose going I would defiantly change them all. Most carbs don't need to be soaked, just cleaned and the jets blown clear. Get the factory manual and fix it, sounds as if you already know how."

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    Default "This is from Mercury: It is

    "This is from Mercury:
    It is important to follow boat manufacturers' recommendations when selecting appropriate fuels. Use of an inappropriate fuel can result in damage to the engine and boat components that may require repair or replacement. Fuels with ethanol can attack some fuel-system components, such as tanks and lines, if they are not made from acceptable ethanol-compatible materials. This can lead to operational problems or safety issues such as clogged filters, leaks or engine damage. I belive that all line that are compliant are supposed to have A1 stamped on them, but on all the short pieces under the cowl what is the chance of finding A1 stamped on it if the manufacture stamps every 2 feet. Or if someone just use some other black tubing. I know that in our chain saws if fuel is left too long it will eat through(replaced many and keep plenty of spares) I was a Marina and the owner did mention that there was tubing(gray with stripe)that was intended for ethanol but I have only seen diameters such as off the tank. Guess I'll keep looking.



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