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    Default "I have a 73 merc 50hp, when i

    "I have a 73 merc 50hp, when i got it the water flow at the pee hole was very week at high rpm's, and nothing at idle, but never over heated. I put a new inpeller kit in, (ie impeller, upper and lower housing, gaskets ect)and now I have very good flow at high rpm, but still no flow at idle at the pee hole, only out of the exhust. And still the engine does not overheat. I have tested the over heat switch and it works properly. Is this correct opperation for this year of an engine? Any input would be great. Thanks"

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    Default It's plugged--common probl

    It's plugged--common problem. I use a Tell Tale off the top of hte block instead. It doesn't plug.


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    Default "well now, this is exactly the

    "well now, this is exactly the result I had with my 77 500/50. Replaced the pump and blew out the tell tale. Had No flow before at all, tell tale tube is clear but I get little to no flow at idle good flow as engine speed increases and no over heat. Anyone else with this engine have this same kind of problem? If it is a problem? Would be interesting to hear."

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    Default HTE block? How do I change inp

    HTE block? How do I change inputs? Thanks

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