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    Default I have an BF8 tiller style out

    I have an BF8 tiller style outboard. The twist grip throttle is locked in the start position. It has a knob on the end of the throttle arm that will lock tension the throttle and lock it at a your desired speed. I removed the tension assembley and can now see down the shaft of the tiller arm but I cannot tell why this thing is still locked and will not rotate. Anyone with some ideas.

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    Default "I don't know Hondas, but

    "I don't know Hondas, but my first thought was is it in gear, or is there some type of lock-out when it is in gear as a safety device?"

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    Default It can't have anything to

    It can't have anything to do with the gear actually because it is a cable type twist throttle and I can move the throttle under the motor hood. It is something to do with the inside of the handle and it has it locked in the one position.

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