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Thread: MD7A

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    Nov 2006
    Roseburg, Or,97470, USA

    Default "I purchased a MD7A as a baske

    "I purchased a MD7A as a basket case. After rebuilding the head, injectors, and pump, the motor starts and runs. The problem is air coming out of the air cleaner. After checking the timing marks,I found that on the exhaust stroke the exhaust valve closes BTDC and the intake opens BTDC causing this. Is this right??"

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    Mar 2007
    fredonia , wisconsin, usa

    Default "George,having same problem,ai

    "George,having same problem,air coming out of air cleaner I have a Md7a also Did you find the problem? Was it the Rings I have a Cav pump how did you set the timing"

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    Robin Adams's Avatar
    Robin Adams Guest

    Default "Hi Carl. I am just stripping

    "Hi Carl. I am just stripping down my MD7a, and whilst I have no experience of air coming out of air cleaner, I can tell you what the manual says about timing. There are individual marks on the cam drive gear, injection pump drive gear, crankshaft drive gear and intermediate gear. All of the marks need to be lined up. If you need more info, email me as I can send you a pdf of the manual if you don't have it.
    My problem is, I have just removed the crankshaft and cannot see the mark on the crankshaft drive gear as it is hidden behind the drive coupling which I cannot easily remove. Therefore if you know of another method of setting up the timing, I would be very interested to know. Best wishes Robin"

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    Default I replaced the primary and sec

    I replaced the primary and secondary fuel filters on my MD7A. I did not fill the primary with diesel. I tried for hours to get fill the primary by pumping the lift pump. I tried with the bleed screw open and closed on the secondary with out success.

    Any suggestions welcome.

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    Apr 2006
    , Langkawi, Malaysia

    Default Did You have the engine turned

    Did You have the engine turned in a position where the pump really worked?
    It is only effective at 'the bottom' part of the stroke. Be sure the pump arm is not on top of the cam lobe. Turn the engine and check.

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