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    Default General stuff 1975 70 hp

    "Already I have gained much from lurking here. Enough to want to fix the little problems of my '75 70hp rather than ditch it for a more modern one. Thanks guys.

    Would be curious to your thoughts on the following-

    * Can liberally spraying your o/b with CRC cause problems, or is it recommended?
    * What do you guys have in your spares kit onboard? (Such as...Plugs,leads,coil,powerpack,prop,splitpins.... ...)
    * Maintenance ritual after each outing.(Fresh water flush,motor checks/cleaning)
    & tight lines ~"

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    Default Re: General stuff

    Keep the ignition/high tension leads dry and clean[40 to 60,000 volts going thru them],lube the carb linkages/throttle shafts and gear linkages,check fuel hoses for being too soft,or,being too hard.renew them once a year,save yourself a lot of problems.same with the female fuel quick release fitting.have spare sp/plugs,pull start rope,rags,rope,split pins,spare prop,fuel hose,12v supply cord for yr cell ph/navman etc,good torch,warm jersey.thats my two cents worth

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    Default Re: General stuff

    Depends on which CRC product you're talking about. But in general, the rust inhibitors and lubes will keep things cleaner and inhibit rust. I would not spray the ignition wires or coils.

    I carry a spare prop (including thrust washer, spacer, castle nut, and cotter pin), a tool box with ratchet set, wrenches, electrical connectors, etc. A roll of Duct tape is essential - you can fix a lot of stuff temporarily with duct tape. I also carry a good first aid kit that I made up myself from a list published on US Boat. I also keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide handy in the cabin - any cuts, scrapes, or punctures (say, from fish hooks) gets a dose. I also carry a second VHF. Normally, that VHF operates off the boat's electrical system. But I wired it with a plug that can be plugged into a small portable 12 volt battery. That's just in case there is a total electrical failure on the boat, I still have communications to other boats and the Coast Guard.

    In your case, I would also carry a good starter rope for that 75 in case of electrical or starter failure.
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