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    Default "I got an unbelievable deal on

    "I got an unbelievable deal on a boat motor and trailor that i plan to make a duck boat out of. I'm not sure what the motor is. The guy i bought it from said he thought it was a Gamefisher from Sears. I've looked the motor over thoroughly, but can't find any ID plate of any kind. Am I not looking in the right place? Help me out please. It's got a little skip, so I'd like to get the manual and see what i can do."

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    Default "If it's a gamefisher, the

    "If it's a gamefisher, the numbers are inside the bottem cowl. Just take the bonnet off and standing in front of the enginne look inside the bottem cowl on the left side at the bottem. On the engine look on the right side up on the side of the cylinder and you should see a tag that id's the engine since sears used several engines by different mfr's. You should also have a rubber holder on the left side to hold extra sheer pins and cotter keys. Hope this helped...JIM"

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    Default I recently bought a 5 hp sea k

    I recently bought a 5 hp sea king boat motor that I believe is a 1965 or maybe a little earlier and was wondering if anybody knew what the fuel to oil mixture is?

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    Default if its a 643-04 engine 16:1

    if its a 643-04 engine 16:1
    Every day is a new day.....GO FISHIN


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    Default i have a 7.5 hp gamefisher out

    i have a 7.5 hp gamefisher outboard with model 217/58592-0 and serial 7c 024703. any idea what year and what years parts (powerhead) fit it? thanx grady lakes

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    Default "It's a 1977 Gamefisher, m

    "It's a 1977 Gamefisher, made by Eska for Sears. I have a mid 70s (can't remember the exact year right now) and 1980 7.5 Gamefisher. The motors and mounts look the same as each other. The only difference between them motor-wise is the fuel tank and rewind. According to my Eska manual (same as Gamefisher during this era), they used the same powerhead (AV-817 made by Tecumseh) from 1972 to 1985.
    I hope this helps."

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    Default what is a good sealer and pain

    what is a good sealer and paint to use on a small leak on a 14 ft. aluminum boat?

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    Default Re: what is a good sealer and pain

    Newbe here, hope I am posting correctly
    I have a Eska / Gamefisher that is a 7.5 hp and I need a complete carburater.
    used new any suggestions please.

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