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    Default " Am about to attempt to repla

    " Am about to attempt to replace a broken pull start recoil spring on this engine but it looks like it will be difficult positioning the two ends of the tensioned spring on to the pillars, one is on the housing and the other is on the rope store 'flywheel'. Is there a special tool or some secret method? Any help appreciated.

    Nick "

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    Default " Hi Nick, I like to use a

    " Hi Nick,
    I like to use a pair of Vice-Grips to hold the spring from coming unsprung while I wrap it up in a loop small enough to fit in the housing. Wearing a pair of safety goggles, wrap the spring through your hand, pulling each successive loop down tight so that the coil is smaller than the space in the casting. Take the Vice-Grips and clamp them on the spring, about halfway down the thickness of the spring, so that the Vice-Grips extend outwards from the spring. Set the spring in the housing, looping the outer post in the process. Undo the Vice-Grips and press the spring all the way into the housing. Now is a good time to grease the spring with a light grease (Lubriplate 105 works well).

    Now, with a long, thin screwdriver blade and lots of light, maneuver the inner loop over the rope plate post and set it in the housing. Align any pins and install the center retaining screw.

    Next, preload the spring by turning the plate in the direction of the rope's outward travel about 5-6 turns. Install the rope and let it get sucked back into the recoil, taking care that the handle, or at least a slipknot is in place to prevent it from getting sucked all the way in. Work it a few times to distribute the grease and reinstall it back on the motor....

    - Scott "

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    Default " Scott Many thanks for you

    " Scott

    Many thanks for your words, it worked a treat.
    Hardest job was getting the rope back through the rubber pull start handle!

    Nick "

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