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Thread: 1001 mix

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    Jun 2002

    Default " Joe, why did evinrude go to

    " Joe, why did evinrude go to the 100-1 mix on certain engines as my 87 48hp Thanks Gary "

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    Nov 2005

    Default "Gary, I'm not Jo


    I'm not Joe and I don't even know if a 100-1 mix is what they recommend on an 87, but the reason for going to 100-1 mix is mostly an emission thing. Less oil makes for a cleaner burning engine, less carbon buildup etc. I'm very interested myself in what Joe will have to say about it. In no way am I saying that you should mix one way or the other, but mastertech has something to say about that. Check out this link, it's their FAQ page, see question #3:

    If it was my engine, I'd probably stick with a 50-1 unless it was recommended and I was trolling at low speed most of the time.


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    Jun 2002

    Default " JON i used 50-1 break in ,be

    " JON i used 50-1 break in ,been 100-1 ever since I did read that mastertech page some time ago. See what Joes thoughts are "

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    Default " At 100:1 your motor will not

    " At 100:1 your motor will not last as long.They only went to 100:1 on the smaller models (9.9 , 20 , 25 hp ) It was only for 2 model years and the reasons are obvious. "

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    Jun 2002

    Default Got the original manual 87 48

    Got the original manual 87 48hp 100-1 after break in . See what Joe has to say

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    Feb 2001
    Central West Florida

    Default "Gary..... OMC came out with t

    "Gary..... OMC came out with the 100/1 mix some years back. It all falls on some kind of silver type bearings and bearing liners which (supposedly) didn't require as much lubricant. Frankly, in my opinion, that's really pushing the envelope as the saying goes.

    Taking into consideration the price of the engines, or simply parts, and the price of oil per pint..... stick with the 50/1 mix as we know that's okay.

    Our questions require answers. If you refuse to answer our questions, how can we answer yours?

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