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    Default " I have a 1988 Funjet with a

    " I have a 1988 Funjet with a Yamaha 3 Cylinder Model #DD70 built by: (D & D Marine Mfg Inc 8001 Kempwood, Houston, TX 77055 PH: 713.664.5772)-they no longer exsist.

    Do yo know who makes the jet pump? It looks like Monita or Morita...I don't know. I need the plate that the jet pump sits on, the one that is attached to the bottom of the boat...I can't find one anywhere please help. "

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    Default I have the same boat and issu

    I have the same boat and issue.... I am looking for the a connector flang that connects the bottom scoop to the engine-impeller housing... did you ever find the part or manufacturer

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    Default "If you guys have any luck ple

    "If you guys have any luck please send info this way -

    I have one on KY Lake... 70hp yamaha funjet

    I'd hate to have to glue/glass a jetskie config into it...

    but mine runs great and lota a damn fun...

    mines 88 model blue-metelflake

    I think i mighta sucked up some rope though and would love to see a schemat of the Morita pump...


    tim -
    [email protected]"

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    Default I think fabrications the name

    I think fabrications the name of the game with these since D/D went outa business -

    I've seen em with sususki motors in them - matter ofact ordered the online book easly found on the web which indicates funjet manual and it's my exact boat but with suski engine and virtually no pertinate info on anything other than general crap.


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    Default "Might as well just convert th

    "Might as well just convert the lil sucker to this:


    these are bad -


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    Default "i also have an 88 funjet with

    "i also have an 88 funjet with a yamaha motor. and i need the part that connects the water pump to the boat hull. and if you have any information on wear i can get this part please call at 305-289-9407 you may leave a message or you can email me at [email protected]"

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    Default "Hi guys, this isn't relat

    "Hi guys, this isn't related to your question, but I need some info on the funjet boat.

    For a college project, my team is building a jet boat out of a funjet hull. My friend got the hull while on vacation in Arkansas at a place near his relatives. Anyway, I'm in Miami and he's in Denver (the boat is still in Arkansas).

    We need to know the exact length and width of the funjet as we are making plans to bring it down to
    Miami. Unfortunelty, he didn't precisely measure the boat when we purchased it.

    Were there different models with different length or did all the years have the same dimensions?

    Please help because there is no info on the web


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    Default "Hey Daniel ! Check back this

    "Hey Daniel ! Check back this Sat.(2/11/06), and I'll post the measures of mine for ya."

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    Default "How ya doing guys, I am havi

    "How ya doing guys,
    I am having the same troubles you are with my FunJet 87', but I need the exhaust manifold. Mine cracked, I think due to excessive vibration. I would love to find someone who makes these parts. If the engine was made by Yamaha, wouldn't they be the ones to have the parts? Anyway, happy hunting, if you find anything please post it and I will do the same. Anyone heard of someone changing out the engine and drive for a newer system?"

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    Default "After doing a little more res

    "After doing a little more research on the internet I did find a manual that is supposed to cover the FunJet from 1984-1987. Don't know if it will actually help but this is the name of it: Clymer ProSeries Personal Water Vehicle Service Manual. You can buy it from this website for $26.95, https://www.buypenton.com/ProductDetail.asp?PRDID=497

    Anyway I will keep looking and will post anything else I find."

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    Default "I found another website which

    "I found another website which has the spark plug specifications for the 70HP 3cyl. engine.

    I will keep looking."

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    Default "I found a cheaper place to bu

    "I found a cheaper place to buy the Manual and it says that it covers the 1988 model as well even though it is the same book. %18.95

    I'm not really finding anything else."

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    Default "Can anyone tell me what the p

    "Can anyone tell me what the pump seals for a 1988 fun jet look like? Mine are missing, are there upper and lower? Thanks Bill T."

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    Default hi there. I have a 1995 checkm

    hi there. I have a 1995 checkmate funjet.. and I would like to find windshields to fit for the driver and passenger. Does anyone have any suggestions? I cant seem to find right size.

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    Default "hey guys i was just given a c

    "hey guys i was just given a cool looking boat needs some work but i cant find any info on it it has a dd70 motor m61 and it says fun jet on what looks like the drive. you'll have to forgive me this is my first boat. first is this a 4 or 2 stroke and does anyone have a wiring diagram i need to hook some wires up and see if it runs the engine looks new but the boat itself iis well weathered please help [email protected] i know it's an 89 model but i don't even have a title soo."

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    Default "you can find parts for your f

    "you can find parts for your funjet @

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    Default "Hi, this post is an attempt t

    "Hi, this post is an attempt to find info I have been searching for. Hoping someone can help.

    I have a 2-Cylinder Suzuki Engine on my Fun Jet,

    I am trying to put a bigger motor on, while still using jet pump.

    Does anyone know what other types of motors, will mount to this plate?

    Thanks for any assistance,


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    Default "I have an 88 Yamaha Funjet.

    "I have an 88 Yamaha Funjet. The jet pump is a Morita jet pump. I need the nozzle and reverse gate portion of the jet drive myself, the part that sticks out of the back of the hull.

    I imagine that Yamaha three cylinder outboard power heads will fit on it."

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    Default "Hi everyone!, Seems like loo

    "Hi everyone!,
    Seems like looking for hard to find parts, well I remember my uncle once had the same problem, and he found what he was looking fot at Mc Marine. Seems they got a wide range of parts, I hope this helps.
    Good luck!

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    Default I am looking for a throttle ca

    I am looking for a throttle cable for a 1988 funjet. I would also like to see if someone could take a picture of where the cable connects at the engine piece so I can see what is actually mission. If you know where I can get parts please give me a call at 3059054603. My name is Brian Thanks.

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    Default I could take a pic of mine. Y

    I could take a pic of mine. Yamaha engine. I'm trying to get the steering nozzle parts that mount outside of the hull where the jetstream of water comes out. I'm not holding on to any extra parts.

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    Default I would greatly appreciate tha

    I would greatly appreciate that if you could take a picture of it for me. I am missing something where the cable adapts to the linkage. Apparently I am going to have to build a cable because I am finding it next to impossible to find parts.

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    Default have you been able to drive yo

    have you been able to drive your boat since you have had it? I am wondering how powerful it actually is. They had the throttle rigged when I bought it. I am trying to get it right. It seems fun but some people say they have actually pulled a skier with their boat. Mine does not seem to have enough accellaration to do that. I am wondering it it was limited on throttle from being rigged up.

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    Default "I've used it enough to ha

    "I've used it enough to have my own riot or two. Fishermen throw rocks at me when I go by the second time up a creek.

    I'm sure mine would pull a skier but I didn't do that.

    Mine would run 45mph with Splitfire plugs on 93 octane mix. The condition of the plugs and the fuel octane seem to make a difference in how many rpm I could get out of it.

    The Splitfires were good for an extra 500 rpm.

    Mine could turn and jump its own wake and catch air.

    I could scream down the creek, crank the wheel around and slide backwards down the creek, which is a hoot. The bilge pump gets a workout for a few minutes after that. They won't sink and they won't turn over. If they could, mine would have.

    The amount of weight in the boat seems to really matter. 400 pounds, fuel and passengers, seems to max it out. Then it won't plane.

    Basically, I've gotten too big to take an adult passenger with me if I take some extra fuel.

    Taking fuel along is a good idea. It loves plenty of fuel.

    Maybe I'll go out there and take a pic if it isn't raining for a little while."

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    Default "I would greatly appreciate th

    "I would greatly appreciate that. What model number are the spark plugs you are using. LOL, don't believe that thing wont flipp over. I was doing the same as you.... Flying throught the creek and doing 180s. When I put my sister in and got flying down the resevor and turned the wheel it flipped over. WE both went over with it and luckily we werent wearing life vest. WE came out and up with no problem. I thought for sure it was going to sink. Once I flipped it back over it bilged and bilged forever. Needless to say we had so much water we had to be towed in. The engine would not crank. I let it cool down, took out the plugs and cranked it over for a few times to get all the water out. About an hour later it cranked right up. Does yours have alot of take off speed? That is where mine seems to lack and once it gets going it bounces alot. ARe you able to get yours to plane out so it is a smooth ride once it is going?"

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    Default "Ok. I went out there and too

    "Ok. I went out there and took some pics. This site won't upload them unless they are dinky. I set the camera on a lower setting but it still won't do it.
    You owe me big for this. 32 degrees, spitting something between rain and ice, 20 mph wind, everything is wet. I had to hold the camera against the hull to keep the shaking down to a roar. Brrrr. It is worse like this than if it was frozen already.

    You are going to have to give me an email to send the pics to. I'm tired of screwing with this uploader. Not a computer nerd.

    If you catch a wave or roller wrong, I could see how you could turn it over, but I never have been able to and I've tried. Congratulations. Mostly, I just get whiplash.

    The aluminum plate under the jetdrive can be bent to adjust the trim. Trim will change how it goes on plane, and how it holeshots. Since it isn't an adjustable trim, you have to find a compromise. But you are trying to keep the nose down but not too far. You do have to keep the water intake under the jet pump in the water, so that is a limiting factor, too. You don't want much hull in front of that in the water.

    I really think a power trim would improve these things.

    I also think a bigger Yamaha outboard powerhead on the jetpump would improve things. But it would just make the gas consumption worse and it is already terrible.

    Yes, I can get it smooth, but I stay off of the big, busy lakes. I hunt glassy parts of rivers and creeks.

    I often go upstream in canoe creeks, but the canoeists and the canoe rental people think they own the creeks and have a fit. I'm surprised I don't get shot. These eco-freaks here have been getting public access boat ramps taken out every time they build a new bridge, so the rest of us can't get into creeks and rivers we have been using our whole lives. Canoe and campground rental outfits along the creeks have political pull. I'm seeing fishermen get arrested for fishing the banks that they have been fishing since their grandpas took them fishing there."

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    Default I see you are in Missouri so n

    I see you are in Missouri so now I know why it was cold there when you were taking the pictures.

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    Default "Hi, I have a 1988 Funjet with

    "Hi, I have a 1988 Funjet with the Yamaha engine it's in good shape for sale with trailer for $2500. If anyone wants it email me and I will send you some pic's [email protected]"

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    Default Does anyone know where I can g

    Does anyone know where I can get a throttle cable for a 1988 FunJet?

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    Default I am looking for a fuel pump f

    I am looking for a fuel pump for a 1987 Funjet. Can anyone guide me to a fuel pump. I bought the service manual and they have a diaghram of the part if a picture is needed. I may have a complete engine worth of parts for this baby if I don't find some parts soon. I love the boat but keeping it going is very hard without some parts. Please help

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