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    Default " Hi I am about to buy a 6v-92

    " Hi I am about to buy a 6v-92gm deisel. I am a rank amateur with engines, and looking for a basic checklist of things to check before making the purchase..


    Andre "

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    Default " Probably worth your while to

    " Probably worth your while to have an experienced diesel mechanic, preferably one with GM experience, to check the old girl over. A sea trial is also recommended. Also if totally unfamiliar with boats, and purchase price is say more than 10K, a survey would be in order. Check around for a good surveyor or check Yellow pages under "Boat Surveyor". It is usually well worth the cost. If the seller balkss at these ideas, walk away from the deal. Good luck, and keep us posted, Kim "

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    Default "Andre, That is good advise


    That is good advise from Kim. Some surveyors have web sites that have information about what they do and what they look for... he are some links... but you should choose a surveyor that is local to you... maybe try to get one recommended to you by someone other than the seller!

    You also might want to consult one of the many general books available on diesel engines, so at least you will understand the terminology.

    Good luck.
    Andrew Menkart

    "There is no situation in which knowledge is more truly power than at sea."
    - Lord Brassey

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    Default "***** ****** [url=""]***** 93

    "***** ****** ***** 93"

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