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    Default Ho again My engine yamaha

    Ho again

    My engine yamaha 8hp has no impeller (rotted) what does it or should it do? whats its function.



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    Default It pumps water to keep the en

    It pumps water to keep the engine cool !

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    Default " Easy there sparky [img][/img

    " Easy there sparky [img][/img].. stephen, sparky has it right, I'm just going to add my two cents. The impeller on most outboards is going to be located over the driveshaft, just above where the driveshaft enters the lower unit. The driveshaft is allways spinning when the engine is running, so the engine allways has a supply of cool water. There is also going to be some type of tube above the impeller that will carry water up to the powerhead.

    Jon "

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    Default " thanks for your help for a b

    " thanks for your help for a biginner i done ok, i removed the lower unit and opened up the pump took out the impeller and cleaned it all up.
    I also chaned the zink as it was corroded cleaned out the pipes and it works great now :-) a constant flow of water.

    Stephen "

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