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    Default "The seals are shot in my 18 x

    "The seals are shot in my 18 xd's lower unit and I am thinking about doing them myself. Is this a complicated task? I have done some pretty involved mechanical work in the past without too much trouble but I don't want to crack this thing open to find I need special tools.

    Also, the recoil seems weak and struggles to draw the cord back up in cold temps (I do a lot of duck hunting). I have been told that this is a simple lubrication issue but I don't know what parts to lubricate and what to lubricate them with. I am planning on beggining the work this weekend so any input would be great!


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    Default "One good starting point, woul

    "One good starting point, would be to invest in a manual. they have them on this web site. look at top of page!!!!!


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    Default "IF you are a reasonable mecha

    "IF you are a reasonable mechanic, and have the tools, the LU is not too bad to reseal. Just don't mess withthe bearings, or loose any shims.

    The recoil simply needs another wrap on the rope. Pull out some slack, then wrap the rope around the sheave one revolution. That increases the 'pull back'.


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