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    Default "What are the proper steps for

    "What are the proper steps for winterizing this EFI outboard? I know how to change the lower unit oil, lubricate all fittings, drain/change filters, etc. but I have no clue how to deal with "engine fogging" with the EFI."

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    Default "Just run it at idle speed 

    "Just run it at idle speed (on a flusher) with stablized gas for 5 or 10 minutes (or if you are going to make "one more trip", just add the stablizer to the gas and take her out for the day).

    ** you can add fogging oil to the gas as well, but I have never used that practice - just my way of doing things, no particular reason one way or the other - in the spring when I bring the motor back in service, I always use a product such as Merc's "powertune" or SeaFoam to clear out the fogging oil, carbon and other cooties that have collected while it's sitting.

    Do not disconnect the gas line and let her run out or you will flood the intake with oil when the gas stops but the oil doesn't.

    Then when you shut her down simply pull the sparkplugs and give each (hole) a good spray of fogging oil.

    **Some guys use WD40 or even just plain old TCW3 outboard oil - both could be used in a pinch if it was your only alternative to nothing, but fogging oil is cheap and available, so use it unless it would mean a 100 mile trip to pick some up.

    If you leave all the plugs out you can easily rotate the flywheel a couple of rotations to get the fogging oil over the entire cylinder - then put the plugs back and tighten them up.

    You can also use the fogging oil over the entire powerhead - spray everything - not so much that it's dripping, but a good coat helps keep the moisture and other cooties out of anything electrical or electronic and helps prevent rubber hoses from rotting and rust/corrosion forming on the block and any exposed connections.

    It's just that easy [img][/img]"

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