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    Default "Hi, can anyone out there prov

    "Hi, can anyone out there provide any information on Archimedes Penta outboards? I have a 450 that I have just got started but have no technical information to service and fine tune . Also looking for any supplier of spares.


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    Default "Cliff, the builder of that pa

    "Cliff, the builder of that particular line of outboards was owned off and on by Volvo over the years.

    In the 1940's, Electrolux (better known for vaccum cleaners) bought Penta from Volvo (which had already been owned a couple of times before Volvo came into the picture).

    They already produced a line of outboards called the Archimedes, which is where the name came from.

    The model 450 was manufactured between 1967-74 by Nymans Verkstader (Swedish company) who had bought out the outboard division of Electrolux in the mid 60's. At the time they also built outboards carrying the Monarch and Crescent brand names (so parts from either of those may be compatable, but I don't know since they are rather obscure/unpopular in North America).

    In 1973 Volvo bought the whole shebang back again and began marketing outboards under the Volvo Penta nametag in both Europe and North America.

    A few individuals have been looking for parts for these on occasion. I personally have contacted Volvo (Penta - North America) and they were of no help stating they were not in the outboard business and could not provide any contact for parts.

    I believe someone found parts from a source either in Sweden or Germany but the name totally escapes me at this time.

    Sorry that I can't give you much more than a history lesson...."

    A "professional" is someone who gets paid for their work - it doesn't necessarily mean they are good at it :)

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    Default "Hi Graham, Cliff has been in

    "Hi Graham, Cliff has been in touch with me and I have given him the info he required he must have got my info off the site, both Sweden and Germany are the main sites for these engines and they still talk about them today.
    Kind regards,

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    Default Re: "Hi Graham, Cliff has been in

    Archimedes Penta 80 spark problems.
    After testing everything else, I'm looking into the ignition bits under the flywheel. I see the front internal ignition coil, grounded at one end, is wired at the other end only to a 2-prong socket on the lower front of the motor. The other socket prong is wired to ground.
    What is this socket for? Do I need to make some kind of connector for it? How does this work?

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    Default Re: Archimedes Penta outboard

    the last batch of these motors and anything Volvo penta on their outboards were 1979. after that date still plenty about but all old stock.
    last big amount of Volvo outbids went to Kuwait !!! then camebak to Europe in 1979 and got sold off.

    there is a Volvo penta outboard page on facebook that can and will give advice on these motors.
    join these guys, they love the Volvo outboards
    penta club Gumbostrand on facebook.

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